NCIS season 19: Director Vance Teases Gibbs’ Long-Term Return in The Season Premiere

NCIS has returned from its summer hiatus with an exciting new season, and the hunt for Gibbs’ elusive serial k1ll3r will resume next week.

The 19th season of NCIS began with suspended agent Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) surviving the destruction of his boat. Although the former leader is still technically absent from the CBS drama, he will take matters into his own hands in the second episode of the current season. Could he be invited back to the team in the future?

Gibbs could return to NCIS at some point during the new season of the popular cr1me drama.

When fans tuned in to the show’s new Monday night timeslot, they were ecstatic to learn that Gibbs’ survival had been confirmed.

Season 18 ended with a shocking cliffhanger as the ex-new agent’s boat was rigged to expl0de, as his hunt for a s1nister serial k1ll3r began to heat up.

Fortunately alive but severely injured, Gibbs managed to swim away before collapsing and raising the suspicions of Thelma (Katherine Cortez) and Virgil (James Franco) (Dave Florek).

The NCIS director, however, did not remain separated from his old team for long, as McGee (Sean Murray), Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), and newcomer Agent Knight (Katrina Law) were soon able to locate him.

Now that his location has been determined earlier than expected, Gibbs may be able to enlist the assistance of his fellow agents to track down his elusive stalker.

In the show’s ‘next time’ trailer, he’s clearly grabbing a piece of the action, and NCIS Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) doesn’t seem to be opposed to reconsidering his suspension.

When asked if Gibbs could return to help with their latest case during a conversation with McGee, Vance simply says, “We’ll see.”

With a serial k1ll3r still on the loose and a slew of other difficult cases on the way, could the former leader re-join the ranks of the FBI as season 19 progresses?

Fans were definitely missing Gibbs’ leadership on Twitter as the episode aired on CBS on Monday night.

“Does this mean Gibbs is here to stay?” tweeted user Leneisha.

“That was a phenomenal season premiere!” said Dylan Slemp. I’m hoping Gibbs will return.”

Furthermore, many other fans admitted that the series wouldn’t be the same without NCIS’ grumpy yet formidable leader at the helm.

Some fans, on the other hand, thought Gibbs and Marcie Warren’s (Pam Dawber) serial k1ll3r hunt would be the perfect send-off for the show’s long-running lead.

ReeRee, a Twitter user, speculated: “I guess Gibbs will retire after they catch the k1ll3r…

“Mark Harmon has to stay on the show according to CBS in order for them to keep this on the air, so I doubt they would k1ll him off.”

Mark Harmon, best known for his work on NCIS, will also be appearing on the show on a part-time basis this time around.

It’s unclear how many episodes Gibbs will appear in, but fans will be disappointed if the next few weeks are the last time they see NCIS’ iconic head agent.

Next week’s episode, ‘Nearly Departed,’ will also feature Gary Cole’s Special Agent Alden Parker, who may be the first appearance of a potential replacement after Gibbs’ retirement.