ROASTED: Woman Says She Was Raised To Take Care Of Her Husband, Gets 14 Responses

If a woman decides she wants to take care of her husband, why is that such a bad thing?

At first hearing, when a woman chooses to spend her day doing her husband’s laundry and cooking him food seems precisely the thing our equality-focused generation should NOT be doing.

Women, especially in North America, have made gigantic moves in the fight for gender equality, such as breaking the stereotypes and changing our perceptions of women’s place in society. When we look back at the 1950s, the progress in society is obvious, and we have moved forward to seeing women as intellects and equal citizens.

That is a wonderful thing, but it can’t be denied that there is still a lot of work in front of us to reach a gender-equal world. There’s still a glass ceiling, a pay gap between men and women, the same expectations about how we are supposed to look and behave, and more.

That is the reason it’s so undeniably irritating when we see a woman like Brylea Kay who is basically saying, ‘Nah, I’m good.’

Firstly, let’s point out, we use Twitter as a platform where we can share our opinions. Furthermore, it’s a political platform in nature, so Kay decided to share her views about her ‘role’ on June 10.

Yes, it’s old-fashioned; that is clear, but as women, shouldn’t we be free to have our opinions and make our own decisions about our life? If she wants to take care of her husband, great, if she’s telling other girls they need to take care of their husbands, not that great.

So let me repeat the question that I asked before if a woman decides that she wants to take care of her husband, how come it is something that bad?

Be that as it may, all that matters is Twitter users think it is and they have some really funny reactions to it. Here’s 14:

Seemingly, taking care of your husband is a call for help

Right up there with pre-gaming a dance recital… yikes

Undoubtedly, this user thinks this is about as cringeworthy as possible.

One person on Twitter can’t possibly figure out why someone would CHOOSE to take care of their husband

What a terrible role model

Moreover, this woman has been labeled as a bad influence on her daughters.

Being old fashioned = No sexy time

This response could be a little in left field, as shown above.

If you take care of your husband, in reality, you are simply a maid

Ridiculously, this woman is now being put on the same level as a maid.

Just out here, raising a full-grown man

What’s more amusing are the people comparing her to his mother.

Hobbies out of the question, just husband sitting

Where would we be without the inevitable ‘so do you have any hobbies, or?’ question.

Her Morning responsibilities

No doubt at all, women have transformed into alarm clocks.

Their mommas are the ones to blame?

All things taken into consideration, this boy who is only 11 years old may be more independent than this woman’s husband.