17 Pointlessly Gendered Products That Are Ridiculously Annoying

It is scientifically proved that males and females live entirely different lives during the growing-up process. Even though they go to the same schools, walk the same path of success, do the same job, these two genders’ lifestyles are naturally different. 

But the corporate world is doing its best to bond these two different worlds together. Until today, this effort has hilarious results. 

Have you ever hear about gender marketing? 

If you haven’t, you must know it exists. 

It doesn’t matter if you believe in sexism or no. Gender marketing is obvious on the supermarkets and malls’ shelves. These exciting things are on the shelves for sale, and people use and consume them without a doubt. 

We live in a time where adults fight against gender inequality. Today’s parents are equally buying kids toys to show them what the children should become. 

Below, we present you with a couple of gender products that split our lives without a precise reason. Also, some of them are offensive and unrealistic. 

See below. 

  1. Women cannot hold a big tube?
  2. The exact price and ingredients, but five less for women, why?
  3. Why?
  4. Same measurements ….
  5. Tell me why?
  6. A consequence of a conservative Christian household.
  7. The Double whammy
  8. I found this on Snapchat.
  9. Do you want some sexy screwdrivers for a bargain?
  10. Really? It is the same crown!
  11. The garbage can makes a difference between males and females!
  12. Toothpaste for man? Do ladies have different tooth bones, or what?
  13. Girls have legs, and men have Megs!
  14. Is this satire?
  15. The worst so far!
  16. Is it something feminine if we have a heart in our body?
  17. This is about the three genders…