Bride Who Faked Cancer To Raise $11K For ‘Dream’ Wedding Gets 5 Months In Prison.

We all want to have enough money to make our dream wedding. But, sometimes, this isn’t possible. There is a GoFundMe organization that sometimes can be a good idea to save money for some special occasion.

Moreover, there are various wrong ways to ask for money from other people. Unfortunately, the bride we will talk about in this article did something terrible.

She faked cancer to get the money for her dream wedding.

Bride Faked Cancer

You need to be mentally very strong to lie all the time for a couple of months.
Toni Standen, 29, faked all these things because she wanted to collect the money to make her dream wedding. She created a page called GoFundMe in July 2017. There she posted a photo with a very long description. She explained that she has only a few months to live because she got diagnosed with cancer.

Toni did everything in her power to convince people in her made-up story. But those big tears are so fake! She asked for money from the people so she could afford the operation. Until the last day, Tony Standen collected $11,000.

Because of the fraud she did, Tony was charged with five months in prison by the Chester Magistrates’ Court. Also, she had to return the money donated by a local business. The amount was $2,700.

The more she faked the disease, the deeper the lie was. The most upsetting thing here was that her husband wasn’t even aware of the fraud.

Sentenced to five months in prison

Her husband was the victim of the fraud, too. James actually believed that his fiancé was ill. It was the same situation with their friends.
Her friends’ testimonies shared that she vividly described the horror she survived during the ‘’disease’’. All of the friends were shocked when they realized that she was faking the disease.

The entire situation worsened when Standen decided to travel around Europe during a world pandemic. Her fraud continued and became even worse when she lied about her covid infection.

Probably, this was the cherry of the pie, so people started doubting. She was bluffing about virtually everything. The Chester Magistrates’ Court found the perfect words for her crimes.

“Every right-thinking member of society would be appalled by your behavior. Thankfully it’s not often this court has to sentence someone who has shown such a degree of shamelessness, such greed, or such a betrayal of friendship as you did to your friends and the wider community. Such was your lack of shame that you kept taking money from them over many, many months.”

Standen’s confession of faking cancer

The entire situation worsened when she said that cancer had spread throughout every organ. She even invented that she also struggled with brain cancer, bone cancer, etc.

Two very close friends of Toni opposed her regarding this issue. After this, Standen confessed everything, saying it was all a lie.
The faking cancer girl confessed everything in a message, in which she shows how embarrassed she was resulting from the fraud.
‘’At the minute, I don’t know if Jim and I will be getting a divorce, I don’t blame him if he does, and I don’t blame you both if this is the end,” –said Toni.

Her husband, James, was also in court when she confessed everything. The worst thing here is that Standen’s father struggled with cancer. He passed away before the wedding.

One guest at the ceremony noticed how strange it was that she was un-phased by her father’s phrases.
‘’After hearing her father’s labored words, she got up and gave a faultless speech, even cracking a few jokes. Her mother and brother were in bits. We’d all just listened to a father of the bride message from beyond the grave. Toni even received a video message from Everton FC, delivered by one of the top players. She laughed throughout.”

We are speechless. What Standen did is sick. She is in big trouble now!

We can leave the money aside, but now she struggles with something more dangerous than cancer.

To live without no one is something much worse than to fight cancer armed with the love and support of your family and friends.

No one wants to survive this kind of betrayal and disgust ever in their lives. It is such a shame for Tony! Pretending to have cancer to collect money is the worst thing that a person can do!

The consequences that she will face will probably bring her brain back!