Pastor Heals People By Farting The ‘Holy Spirit’ On Their Faces

One pastor from South Africa faces charges of sitting on people’s faces and farting as part of a sacred healing ritual.

The pastor’s name is Christ Penelope from SevenFold Holy Spirit Ministries in Siyandani Village, Giyani, Limpopo. Many people from the church were angry at him due to his healing invention.

Numerous images are around media present us how the pastor sits on top of people’s faces and farts in their faces.

The pastor doesn’t say it is a fraud. He stated for The Daily Sun.
“I don’t fart on people – I heal people.”

Regarding the speculations, the pastor said:

“The people saying all those things weren’t true. They hear of things and believe them.”

In his opinion, his healing ritual is “not by flesh but by faith.” Also, when he sits in their face and farts them, they don’t feel pain, but the Holy Spirit is doing its job.

On his Facebook profile, he shared:

“This is to tell the doubters that we did not do it by mistake, and we’re not repenting.

“We’re not going to be intimidated. The body is the church, and the head is Christ.

“You expect me to go and sit on the church?

“I must come directly to the head and sit on it.”


Two members from the church, unknown identities, said that numerous people didn’t find this act disturbing. But, also, they aren’t happy after it, either.

One person who visits the church stated for The Daily Sun.
“When we come to church, it’s because we need prayers, not to be farted on.
“What the pastor has been doing isn’t right.”

And this man told the pastor to ask for his master, God, for another ritual that heals people.

Besides, one woman stopped going to church because of this act. She said:
“That’s not what I signed for. I needed prayers, not fart.”

But, some pastors have an opposite opinion from Penelope. They judge his ritual, and they say that even if he doesn’t fart at people’s faces, no one should sit on someone’s face.

Pastor Jacob Sibiya from Kagiso explained his opinion.

“This is wrong. Nowhere does God say sit on people, and they will be healed.

“Pastors should practice what’s in the Bible, not what they think is in there.”

And Bishop Miso Mabunda from Meadowlands stated:

“These are exactly the deeds the Bible warned us against.

“It said that at the end of the world, there’d be people who’d do things that will shock us.

“My advice will be for people to make their ways right with the Lord, for the end is near.”